You don’t have to wait to be picked

You don’t have to wait to be picked

Being specific means being brave. Saying “I’m going to do this,” takes courage. following through with it takes even more courage.

The best thing about choosing to be a creator is you don’t have to wait to be picked. You can make the things you want to make. At the very least, you can start working towards them.

Instead of waiting around to be picked, it’s much easier being the picker. Choosing yourself is always a good investment.

Choosing yourself makes it easy. It gives you a good kind of busy. Not the filled calendar kind of busy. The empty space kind of busy. The all I can think about is making what I’m doing better kind of busy. The kind where work and play are the same thing.

Every day you should ask yourself.

“If I was given the choice, would I choose myself?”

Pay attention to the answer. If it’s yes, go for it. If it’s no, work out how you could turn it around.