All the things in school. Most of the things in university. That class on public health policy. They’re all gone.

The thing they have in common is they’re not the things I was trying to learn myself. They were there. They were things which were going to be on the tests. The tests you’d study so hard for and then forget once you left the room.

But the world map of RuneScape (an online game), how to win Call of Duty tournaments, how to eat for sports performance, how to make things online, how to code, how to love yourself, how to have a good conversation, how to spread your ideas, how to learn. These are all things I sort after myself. And they’re the things I remember most.

Going forward. That’s how I’m going to do it. If I want to learn something, I better seek it myself. Seek the best in the world. Watch how they do it. Then do it my way.