Your work is beautiful

Your work is beautiful

I love receiving compliments on my work, my efforts, my creations, my actions.

Last night after Jiu Jitsu training I took off my Gi top (think karate outfit) to cool down and stretch. I walked across the mats to get water.

Coming back to the other side I heard John and Dave talking about me. I walked over to show I heard.

And John said, “we were saying you’re walking around looking like a race horse.”

I smiled. Told him it’s all the hill sprints.

It’s true. I’m ripped. My efforts of late have been to stay in peak physical condition. Why? Because I like looking like a Greek statue and if I’m healthy physically, it trickles over into everything else.

Who doesn’t enjoy an authentic compliment?

I’m going to live off what John said for the next few months. Every session will be as if to maintain the idea of being fast and strong like a race horse. Call it ego, call it what you want. If the thing serves the change you’re trying to make, does it matter what it is?

So it goes, now I know how I feel when I receive an authentic compliment, I’m going to do the same for others. To notice when they put in effort and reward it with my words.

Derek Sivers recently published a series of books, Your Music And People, Hell Yeah or No and another coming soon. I ordered a few of each and they arrived. One’s purple, one's yellow. They’re beautiful. Inside and out. I’m going to send him a note to let him know.

Hey Derek,

Your books arrived.

I’m sending this through to let you know.

Your work is beautiful.

Please keep creating,


And it true Derek style, he replied.

Hi Daniel -

Thank you!  I really appreciate it.  ☺

Derek Sivers  [email protected]
P.S.  What I'm doing now: