ZTM 2023 State of AI Tools & Coding Report

How are developers using AI tools?

Graph showing the use of AI tools for coding by geographic region from Zero to Mastery

The Zero to Mastery 2023 State of AI (tools & coding) Report is live.

A collection of 3,240 developers answered questions about their AI-based tool usage for work and coding.

The report is full of interesting insights.

Some of my favourites include:

  • ChatGPT is the most popular tool for developers by a long shot (for now)
  • Programmers in Asia 🌏 and Africa 🌍 have the highest daily and weekly usage of AI tools (nearly 80%+ vs ~60% in the US)
  • Programmers at smaller companies (2-20 people) are using ChatGPT the most (60-70%) but larger size companies aren’t far off (53-58%)
  • The most common use case for developers surveyed using ChatGPT is for “learning new topics” (80.5%) followed by “actually writing code” (58.5%)

And there's about another 30+ in the full report.

Personally, I'm using AI tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot to help with:

  • Data analysis (e.g. manipulating pandas DataFrames)
  • Translating functions (from one coding language to another)
  • Figuring out hidden treasures of the Python standard library (it's a big library and often ChatGPT/Copilot suggest things I've never heard of)

The tools aren't perfect but neither am I.

So they often make errors but most of the time the errors are easy to correct.

For unique workflows, I'm mostly driving.

But for repeated and common workflows (print statements, data analysis), they save a bunch of typing.

Be sure check out the report to see how AI tools are being used in coding workflows all around the world!

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