Business is play

Enough is as good as a feast.

turkish market with colourful lamps and plenty of beautiful copper and metal trinkets, pots, pans, colourful rugs

Anything else and you’re starting to get into job territory.

Can you imagine the burden of running a large enterprise?

Sure, there are benefits and some things require a large group of people coming together.

Setting your limit is a skill.

Of course, there’s no real limit, which is why it requires practice.

Take meditation, is there a limit to how much you can do?

Or sleep or reading or drinking water or walking.

All valuable things yes but once you reach a certain point, their benefits start to decrease.

The same with finances.

Some of the richest people I’ve met seem horribly stressed.

Custodians of near unlimited resources but lacking peace of mind.

There’s trade-offs on each side.

Going large you get the benefits of scale, some things are impossible with two or three people.

But going large you get the burden of paperwork.

It may get to a point where documenting the thing seems more important than the actual thing.

Staying small you get the benefit of doing less.

Though perhaps now you don’t have access to certain resources.

Enough's a shifting target, like your requirement for sleep.

Enough isn't a specific amount, it's an understanding of where the edge is and stopping before you walk off it to enjoy the view instead.

Enough is as good as a feast.

If business stops being play, perhaps you’ve not decided what enough is.

I don’t know what my enough is.

But I like the idea of working for free and getting paid for pleasure.

Every sensible person earns a living doing what they enjoy.

All it takes is some reminding from time to time.