If you’re in doubt about something, get rid of it

Life improves by subtraction.

If you’re in doubt about something, get rid of it

If it’s already in your life, see what it’s like without it. You’re smart enough to figure out what can and can’t be thrown out.

A more robust path to happiness, whatever it means to you, is not to pursue happiness but to avoid unhappiness.

Habits, goals, relationships, technology. What’s life like without them? Default to not having it and then see what it’s like. We humans have a tendency to hold onto things even if they aren’t bringing us value anymore.

I loved my old job. But I was in doubt over it. I had a feeling deep inside me which told me it wasn’t for me. I took the leap and left to work for myself. It was the best thing I ever did. I defaulted to not having the job. That was over 6-months ago now.

When I think about the future, I’m most excited for what I can remove, not add. Most of it is the removal of barriers, the ones I’ve created for myself. Old thought patterns holding me down. I figured if I want to make my dreams come true, rather than build towards them, remove what gets in their way. This approach can be sudden or gradual. Either suits.

The best part about life is knowing you can be better.

The most crushing part of life is having so little time to improve.

Hence why life improves via subtraction rather than addition. Subtracting the things which take away from the real thing.

An illness I have is an obsession with the new. Neomania. Shiny object syndrome. However, like many problems, the benefit comes when you flip it on its head. It becomes a strength. If I do manage manage to stick with something, I tend to get pretty good at it. But only if I have the patience to stick around in the beginning. Only if I can tolerate sucking for a while.

Rather than get stuck in surface-level thoughts. The easy thoughts to have. You should dig a little deeper. Get to the thoughts which require effort. The ones not many get a chance to have because their minds are clogged. I am writing these words because I suffer from it too. It disgusts me. And because writing is nature’s way of showing you how sloppy your thinking is.

So I’ve come to the conclusion, if I want to improve my condition, I need to get better at removing all causes of doubt.


By action.

Action is the anti-virus for doubt.

Action removes doubt.