The simple approach to health

Health doesn't have to be complicated.

The simple approach to health

It’s in food and supplement companies best interest for you to eat more often. It’s in the interest of life coaches for you to not be able to make your own decisions.

But health doesn’t have to be complicated.


• Eat less often, out of hunger rather than habit

• If it requires an advertisement or packet, you don’t need it

• Learn to cook


• Break a sweat every day

• Focus on balance, coordination, strength and mobility

• Get your heart rate up and keep it there for a while


• 7-9-hours every night

• Avoid caffeine 10-hours before sleep

• Sleep in pure darkness, no standby lights


• Love yourself, say it, look in the mirror, I love you

• Have a mission, work towards something

• Spend time with people who love and challenge you

• Laugh every day

• Stay present, it’s all you have

Take care of your health. You’re worth it.