Trust one eye more than two ears

Trust one eye more than two ears

99% of your thought process is dedicated to maintaining your self-conceptions but 98% of them are wrong.

This usually trips most people up. Because the lengths people will go to save face are extraordinary. You’re probably not as scared of failing as you think. You’re more scared of people knowing you failed. Don’t worry, I’m able to write this as I know the feeling too. That’s one of the beautiful things about writing. It shows you how sloppy your thinking is.

If you’re not excited to wake up every morning, your current life is flawed. Most can’t admit this. Instead of admitting they’re wrong (to themselves), they get in their own way.

It’s worthwhile taking some time to consider how many old ways of thinking you’re holding onto. If you’re not embarrassed by the person you were last year, you’re not learning enough.

If you get lost in thought, watch what you do every day. Write it down. You’ll realise where you’re going wrong.

Thinking is talking to yourself, writing is having a group discussion with yourself.

When you embark on your own journey, you will be bombarded with advice, feedback and opinions of how what you’re doing is wrong. The way to deal with these is to pay attention to what the person they are coming from is doing. If you cannot see a shred of evidence their talk matches their actions, ignore it.

Winning an argument is more harmful to you than it is the person you defeat. Losers focus on winning arguments, winners use the energy doing the thing they’re arguing about.

This includes arguments with yourself.